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OTK Network's New members - Nick, Trainwrecks & Maya Higa

Things have finally started rolling, new otk content almost daily and everyone’s expectations are high. But what is next for the network and who will be their first addition to the squad?  

The OTK Twitter & Instagram has recently started following a couple of well-known streams and this might just be a little clue on who might be a future pickup for the newly created org. 

Nick Polom

The first and most likely pick up is Nick Polom, the reason we think he is the most likely pick up is that he is currently followed by both OTK’s Instagram and Twitter. Nick was also there during the first OTK cooking stream. We could also speculate further and the reason that Nick might have stayed in Austin while his girlfriend Malena Tudi went back to Norway might have been because he knew this was coming up. As Asmongold said, Rich and he have planned this for almost a year. 

Maya Higa

Maya Higa is another well-known streamer & she together with her boyfriendMizkif pretty recently made the move over to Austin, Texas. She just like Nick Polom, is followed by both the OTK Instagram & Twitter account. She was also there during the cooking stream!

It’s also very likely that she simply was there because she’s friends with the guys and of course also miz’s girlfriend. 


Trainwrecks is the final possible member. Tyler also lives in Austin, Tx and that’s of course where all the other OTK members with exceptions in the e-sport side of the network. Train recently got followed by the networks twitter but not their Instagram. 

Even though Train doesn’t anymore, back in the day he was known as a world of warcraft YouTuber.

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