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OTK Network Followed Another Big Streamer! Will Pokelawls Join OTK?

Here we go again with the conspiracy theories again! As we have theorized in previous articles, people who OTK follows on Twitter & Instagram might be future members. We noticed that OTK followed Nick NMP Polom about 2 weeks ago and we theorized that he would become a member and it turned out we were right, because yesterday Nick was announced as the first pickup to the brand new ‘org’. 

Today, we noticed more activity in OTK twitter’s follow feed, a new name at the top of the list and it’s nonother than Pokelawls. So will he be a new member to the org? Well.. we’re not convinced because just a couple of months ago Poke joined TSM as a content creator and it would be highly unlikely for him to leave just a couple of months in. We’re guessing that Poke has some kind of contract with TSM, possibly a half year or a year contract that binds him to the org for that period of time. But once that contract is up we might see poke joining OTK. 

Red Bull Gaming

Did you notice another familiar name in the screenshot above? Red Bull Gaming, was another account that otk followed on Twitter around the same time as they followed Nick. We wrote a full article speculating that this could be their future big sponsorship. A little bit of extra information that we want to add to that article is, do you remember that Red Bull Gaming was Methods biggest sponsor? and now when Method is gone we can be sure that Red Bull is probably looking to get into the world of warcraft again. And what wouldn’t be a better in than OTK network, literally the biggest WoW org around right now. With this fact in mind, we can almost guarantee that the Red Bull x OTK collaboration is coming… 

And also, guess who has been a caster/host on Red Bull events… 

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