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OTK Network Might Have Secured a Red bull Gaming Deal

As you might know by now the OTK Network has started rolling out their promised content and events just like any other gaming organization. But OTK is still missing something that all orgs have, and that is a strong main partnership.

Since the start of the Network, they have expressed their interest in finding that partner on Twitter as seen below. In this article, we will go through why we have a seeking suspicion that they have found their first partner.


There are multiple ways to get the attention of a big sponsor when starting a gaming org or network. 

#1.  – Contacting big name brands before you announce the org.
This might be the safer of the two options you have, but it will be harder. Trying to find a sponsor before you have launched the org means that you have nothing that proves other than the people backing it that your idea will succeed. It’s also very hard to get the attention of big-name brands when you have nothing to show.

#2 – Starting the org and hope that you find a brand that wants to sponsor you.
This is what The OTK Network has done, they knew from the get-go that together they would be able to pull some crazy follower numbers by simply announcing it. The reason why this might be risky even though it would have been unlikely in this case there is always a small chance that it would have flopped completely and you wouldn’t have been able to find a deal that you are happy with. 

Red Bull Gaming

The reason why we believe that Red Bull Gaming is the Network’s first big partner is the same reason why we think Nick, Train & Maya might be future recruits. Just a couple of days ago the Network’s Twitter followed @redbullgaming on Twitter. Yes we know this might be far fetched but only following one brand out of the blue we think is a bit suspicious.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you this might be, RedbullGaming also follows OTK back. This confirms that at least something is going on. If it’s not a full-on partnership it might be a smaller collaboration on for example a world of warcraft tournament. Coincidentally Tips Out yesterday tweeted this “I am going to put on a $100,000 tournament by the end of next year.”. Is there a possibility that these two things are connected? Maybe.

One extra bit of speculation and to further our guess is that Tips Out, Esfand, and Rich Campbell is following redbullgaming on Twitter. The key person here being Tips Out who seems to be the more business-focused person in the group since he doesn’t stream that much anymore and is very likely spending is time to prepare for and gather sponsors for upcoming events.

Anyways please keep in mind that this article has been 99% speculation and we won’t know for sure until someone announces it or until Mizkif leaks it.

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